Jelly Crimps - 2 wire

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Jelly Crimps - 2 Wire - Gel Filled Connector (Box 500pcs)

These Jelly Crimp connectors are most commonly used to join BT CW1308 telephone cable, or any similar sized solid copper conductor cable. As there is a moisture barrier gel inside the connectors, they can be used internally or externally. There are 2 contact blades for each wire, providing excellent connectivity for telephone and broadband.

These connectors are for telephone cable and should not be used on Data cabling

What are 2 wire Jelly Crimp Connector for?

2 wire jelly crimps are used to splice 2 telephone cables togeather. This may be bause you have cut a cable by accident and need to repair.

Why would you use Jelly Crimps over other crimps?

The gel inside jelly crimps help avoid any corrsion from gas and water on the metal contacts making them last longer than other types of crimp.

How do you use jelly crimp connectors?

Jelly Crimp connectors are very easy to use.

  1. Insert each cable into the connector
  2. using a crimp tool. Crimp the connector to close the tab.