Which CCTV System is right for you?

Which CCTV System is right for you?

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Which CCTV System is right for you?

First we have to think about what systems are currently on the market, there are 2 leading system types Analogue and IP CCTV. 

IP CCTV systems have had a rapid growth within larger businesses, the technology has high specifications and normally produces high resolution images. These systems are currently expensive as the technology and hardware are new, however we have recently seen the cost of these systems drop to more affordable prices and small High-end retailers are now also starting to adopt this technology.

Analogue CCTV Systems are the most widely installed system into small businesses, the cost of the hardware is relatively low with some cameras costing under £50 each, yet to install this type of system it is fairly labour intensive and can sometime need CCTV installers to also be qualified electricians as some unit needs to be powered as well as being connected back to you DVR.

So this has left us asking is there a good alternative to these systems? With the price of IP CCTV falling is there a system that may be upgradable in the future?

And we found the answer to these questions… Yes

Analogue CCTV over Data Cabling solution

You may be asking, how is this different from normal analogue CCTV Systems? Well the answer is to do with how the systems is cabled, unlike a conventional system these systems take power as well as send data though the data cable meaning each camera only needs one lead connected from the DVR to the Camera. This brings down the install costs and the hardware costs are very similar.
With this system being cabled in this way should the cost of IP cameras come down in the future or a justification for HD cameras presents itself, the cost for upgrading the system to IP will only include the costs of the hardware and the labour to swap them over, not the installation of new power and data cabling, saving the business costs in the future.
We believe that this is currently the best way to install a small system and have put together our own CCTV over Data Cabling System, which we think is perfect and easy to install into any small business weather that is a shop, office or even a warehouse.

Cable Cafe Analogue CCTV Power Over Ethernet

What do you get with the Cable Café System?

Our system includes:

  • 1 x 4 channel DVR
  • 4 x Power over Ethernet Camera

This Kit is perfect for Small office and Home installations. We have created a kit that is quick and simple to install. The cameras have been designed to accept power over ethernet so only 1 cable will need to be run to each camera, the video feedback is also run through the same ethernet cable. The maximum distance for DVR to Camera is 100 meters.
MiniLink CCTV Network Digital Video Recorders (DVR) features H.264 encoding for high quality real-time recording. DVR features web management for remote access allowing you to connect to your cameras from internet connected devices such as phones, Tablets and Computers. Feature-laden DVR includes web management, time, date and motion detect recording and IR control. Recording can be based on dates, time and motion detection. USB port for the connection of an additional flash stick or HD for archiving data.

Please note that the DVR's will require a SATAII hard drive. (Memory limit 2TB)Camera Features

  • Camera’s supplied are either bullet or dome type
  • Camera's use the SONY 1/3 CCD 420TVL sensors
  • Indoor and Outdoor (weather proof)
  • Built in IR illuminations. (Bullet 20mtrs & Dome 15mtrs)
  • RJ45 socket trailing lead (Easy connection)

DVR Features

  • 4 channel desktop kit
  • SVGA port for external monitor and composite output
  • H.264 encoding
  • Motion based or time based recording
  • USB 2.0 ports and Ethernet ports
  • DVR requires a SATA II 3.5” hard drive (Memory limit 2TB)

DVR Connections

  • 4x RJ45 AV + Power Ports
  • 4x BNC input
  • 1x BNC composite output
  • 1x SVGA Output
  • 2x USB 2.0 interface
  • 1x LAN RJ45 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • 1x IR Remote Control
  • 1x RS485 port
  • External Alarm trigger ports

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